Euromicro Conference on
Digital System Design

August 29 – 31, 2018
Prague | Czech Republic

DSD 2018

System Design for Collaborating Intelligent Systems (SDCIS)

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Intelligent collaborating systems are networked systems that have the capacity to gather and analyze complex data, take decisions based on the data analysis, actuate the decisions, as well as, communicate with other systems to form intelligent infrastructures (systems-of-systems) that can perform complex tasks to achieve common higher-level goals. Examples of such systems include: autonomous vehicles in the space, air, ground, sea, and sub-sea domain, nanosatellites, and industry 4.0.

Special Session Scope

The Special Session addresses the heterogeneity in system design, supporting a better design of intelligent systems. To this special session, we welcome papers that are related to advanced applications of intelligent collaborating systems, automation systems, distributed systems, system-level design, hardware/software co-design, and system-level data processing, especially when addressing the following topics:
  • Heterogeneity in system design of intelligent collaborating systems.
  • System design for intelligent automation services.
  • Design of security and privacy for intelligent collaborating systems.
  • Design and implementation of efficient computing and reliable communication systems for harsh environments and very low power budgets.
  • Sensors, actuators and wireless technologies for intelligent collaborating systems.
  • Hardware/Software co-design for unmanned vehicle systems and other similar systems.
  • Identification and tracking of autonomous systems.

Special Session Chairs

E. Ebeid (U Southern Denmark, DK)

R. Jacobsen (Aarhus U, DK)

B. Beach (U Southern Denmark, DK)

Special Session Program Committee

E. Tronci (U Roma, IT)

L. Vigano (King’s College, UK)

H. P. Schwefel (Aalborg U, DK)

H. Sun (Durham U, UK)

H. Madsen (DTU, DK)

M. Prodanovic (IMDEA, ES)

Q. Zhang (Aarhus U, DK)

M. Kolhe (U Agder, NO)

B. N. Jørgensen (U Southern Denmark, DK)

M. Afsharchi (U Zanjan, IR)

B. Andresen (Aarhus U, DK)

A. Farinelli (U Verona, IT)

A. Pegatoquet (U Nice, FR)

N. Ulltveit-Moe (U Agder, NO)

A. Vinel (Halmstad U, SE)

K. Jensen (U Southern Denmark, DK)

C. F. Pedersen (Aarhus U, DK)

M. Pěchouček (Czech Technical University, CZ)

U. P. Schultz (U Southern Denmark, DK)

J. C. Lopez (U Castilla-La Mancha, SP)

J. Bendtsen (Aalborg U, DK)