Euromicro Conference on
Digital System Design

August 29 – 31, 2018
Prague | Czech Republic

DSD 2018 Best Papers

Best Paper Award

Quantization of constrained processor data paths applied to Convolutional Neural Networks

Barry de Bruin, Zoran Zivkovic and Henk Corporaal

CoNNA – Compressed CNN Hardware Accelerators

Rastislav Struharik, Bogdan Vukobratović, Andrea Erdeljan and Damjan Rakanović

Best Student Paper Award

Guards in Action: First-Order SCA Secure Implementations of Ketje without Additional Randomness

Victor Arribas, Svetla Nikova and Vincent Rijmen

Memory Aware Packet Matching Architecture for High-Speed Networks

Michal Kekely, Lukáš Kekely and Jan Korenek

Best Poster Award

RailCheck: A WSN-based system for condition monitoring of railway infrastructure

Jan Sramota and Amund Skavhaug

Design Space Exploration for Mixed-Criticality Embedded Systems considering Hypervisor-based SW Partitions

Vittoriano Muttillo, Giacomo Valente and Luigi Pomante