Euromicro Conference on
Software Engineering and Advanced Applications

August 29 – 31, 2018
Prague | Czech Republic

SEAA 2018

Monitoring Large-Scale Software Systems (MoLS)

Large-scale, heterogeneous software systems such as cyber-physical systems, cloud-based systems, or service-based systems are ubiquitous in many domains. Often, such systems are systems of systems working together to fulfill common goals resulting from domain or customer requirements. Such systems’ full behavior emerges only at runtime, when the involved systems interact with each other, hardware, third-party systems, or legacy systems. Thus, engineers are interested in monitoring the overall system at runtime – e.g., to verify components’ correct timing or measure performance and resource consumption. Monitoring can happen continuously at runtime, to give instant feedback on behavior violations, or post hoc, based on event traces and data logs.

The complexity and heterogeneity of large-scale software systems, however, complicates runtime monitoring. Properties must be checked across the boundaries of multiple constituent systems and heterogeneous, domain-specific technologies must be instrumented. Also, different types of properties must be checked at runtime, including global invariants and exceptions, range checks of variables, temporal constraints on events, or architectural rules constraining component interactions. Finally, systems exist in many different versions and variants owing to the continuous, independent evolution of their constituent systems. Adaption and reconfiguration of monitoring solutions thus becomes essential.

This special session aims to explore and explicate the current status and ongoing work on monitoring in large-scale software systems and the transfer of knowledge between different disciplines and domains. A particular goal of the session is thus to bring together different communities working on monitoring approaches such as (application) performance and resource monitoring, requirements monitoring, and runtime verification. We look for both research and experience papers on supporting monitoring in large-scale software systems.

We particularly encourage papers based on industrial experience and empirical studies, as well as papers identifying and structuring open challenges and research questions. We are interested in all topics related to monitoring in large-scale software systems (systems of systems, cloud-based systems, service-oriented systems, big-data systems, business processes, cyber-physical systems, automation production/ automotive systems, etc.).

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Requirements monitoring in large-scale systems

  • Runtime verification of large-scale systems

  • Complex event processing in large-scale systems

  • Performance monitoring in large-scale systems

  • Monitoring along the continuum, from the data source to fog- and cloud-based solutions

  • Supporting monitoring in large-scale systems with…

  • Requirements as runtime entities

  • Models at runtime

  • Runtime constraint checking

  • Visualization techniques

  • Human-computer interaction for operators

  • Monitoring as a means to support evolution and/or maintenance in large-scale systems

  • Monitoring in the context of DevOps/ continuous deployment/integration

  • Tools and frameworks for monitoring large-scale systems

Session Chairs

Rick Rabiser JKU Linz, Austria

Michael Vierhauser U. Notre Dame, USA

Sam Guinea Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Wilhelm Hasselbring CAU Kiel, Germany

Program Committee

Luciano Baresi, Polimi, ITA

Lubomír Bulej, Charles U. Prague, CZE

Jane Cleland-Huang, U. Notre Dame, IN, USA

Holger Eichelberger, U. Hildesheim, GER

Paul Grünbacher, JKU Linz, AUT

Andre van Hoorn, U. of Stuttgart, GER

Andrea Janes, Free U. of Bozen-Bolzano, ITA

Falko Kötter, Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, GER

Patrick Mäder, TU Ilmenau, GER

Olivier Perrin, Nancy 2 U., FRA

Klaus Schmid, U. Hildesheim, GER

Jocelyn Simmonds, U. of Chile, CHL

Oleg Sokolsky, U. of Pennsylvania, USA

Uwe Zdun, U. Vienna, AUT